Latest Issue: April 6, 2021

Communications Breach Conduct Code

Integrity Commissioner says language was inappropriate

A difference of opinion on whether the Town of Arnprior is systemically racist has resulted in a two code of conduct violations from members of the municipal council. Near the end of 2020, discussions emerged in Arnprior about the presence of racism or systemic racism. The discussion was widespread throughout news and social media. Read the latest issue.

Ontario Government News In Brief

Lockdowns, licence waivers, correctional officer hirings, small business funding and hospital funding. Read the latest issue.

Marketing | Jennifer Layman

Consistency Brings Results: Repetition makes it easier for people to buy-in

Consistency. It is one of the most difficult things to do when communicating. It seems boring, to say the same thing over and over again, but it’s a powerful tool. Need proof?  On April 1, the Ontario government announced a lockdown. On April 3, Dr. Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease physician posted this to Twitter: “Locking down does not protect essential workers, who, by virtue of being ‘essential’, still have to go to work…We know who is getting infected, where they are getting infected, and how they are getting infected.  Why not address this directly?” Read the latest issue.

Book Club | Renee Evenson

Powerful Phrases for Dealing with Difficult People: Over 325 ready-to-use words and phrases for working with challenging personalities

The key to a harmonious, highly effective work environment is not by ensuring you work among carbon-copies of yourself whose personalities never clash with one another or with you. That pipe dream could not ever happen, nor would it result in a successful team collaboration even if it could. Instead, most of us are going to work today with individuals who at times come across as incompetent, lazy, spotlight-hugging, whiny, or backstabbing. And then tomorrow we go to work with them again. Like it or not, the bulk of our waking hours are spent with people at work–people who can grate on our nerves. Therefore, learning to interact effectively with difficult employees, colleagues, and bosses is an absolute essential for our success. Read the latest issue.

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