Latest Issue: April 19, 2022

Watery Windfall For Local Municipalities

Federal-Provincial funding supports water project

Some local municipalities were successful in earning joint federal, provincial, and recipient funding as part of 144 water infrastructure projects in Ontario.

Federal Budget Tax Highlights: CPA Canada

What the federal budget brings to businesses, individuals in taxes

On April 7, 2022, the Honourable Chrystia Freeland tabled the budget as federal Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister. In last year’s budget, the federal government predicted a deficit for 2021-22 of $154.7 billion. This year, the amount was revised down to $113.8 billion. A deficit of $52.8 billion is predicted for 2022-23. Some proposed changes are noted in the article.

Provincial Government News In Brief

Tuition freeze, police check fees eliminated, federal daycare plan adopted, doctor negotiations

Federal Government News In Brief

Vaccine injury funding, hunting ban, freezing bank accounts, false convoy stories, blacklisting media, drug user access, regulating the internet, union president resigns, inflation to increase and more

You And Your Customers Change

Keeping current in marketing will pay off

Last week I had a call from a fellow in Ottawa asking if he could get some 2022 copies of Travel Our Backyard magazine. I explained to him that we stopped publishing after the 2019 version and referred him to the 101 Things list, to which he subscribed and forwarded along. The experience provided a good topic for this column on the importance of regular marketing.

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