Latest Issue: July 16, 2019

Muskrat Lake Assn Gets Some Answers

Government says they have tools but will they use them?

It took two years, but the Muskrat Lake Association has confirmation from the Ontario government that the government has tools that will help fix the water quality in the lake. The next step seems to be getting them to commit to it.  Download the latest issue.

A Different Kind of Link

Canadian study shows link between social media and television with teenage depression

Perhaps not surprisingly to some, a new study out of Montreal has proven that an increase in social media use and television viewing is associated with an increase in depression amongst teenagers. The study followed 4,000 teenagers from ages 12 to 16 who self-reported on time spent in front of digital screens, specifically social media, television, video gaming and computer use. Download the latest issue.

42 Cannabis Stores Coming

Government of Ontario authorizing additional retail outlets including up to eight on First Nations

The Ontario Minister of Finance, Rod Phillips and Attorney General, Doug Downey, have announced the next phase of the province’s cannabis stores, which will authorize an additional 42 private cannabis retail stores. Download the latest issue.

PM, NATO Chief Visit Garrison

Petawawa involved in almost every mission

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited Garrison Petawawa on Monday to discuss the NATO alliance and Canada’s continued support of the organization. Download the latest issue.

Highway 17 Widening Now On The Books

Yakabuski keeps promise to expand Trans Canada through the region

John Yakabuski, MPP for Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke has announced that expanding Highway 17 from Arnprior to Renfrew is officially on the Ontario government’s plan. The project will widen 22.5 kilometres of Highway 17 from Scheel Drive to three kilometres west of Bruce Street in Renfrew County. Download the latest issue.

A Fight For The Truth

How Chevron won against corruption

People can be quick to condemn corporations in the wake of allegations of misconduct. A few months ago, Ottawa Valley Business covered a story about people being afraid to vaccinate their children due to allegations that vaccinations caused autism. Even when it was proven that the doctor who had alleged this finding was a fraud, was stripped of his medical licence and banned from medicine, people still cling to his fraudulent work. The Chevron situation is another such case. Download the latest issue.

Marketing | Jennifer Layman

Making Time For What Matters: How to carve out an hour in your week

If I asked you to find an extra hour in your week for marketing, could you do it? I can imagine the sighs and eye rolls that just came with your answer! You know marketing matters, but how can you possibly fit it into your schedule? Today, we’re going to help you find that hour. Download the latest issue.

Book Club | Weldon Lang

No Ego: How Leaders Can Cut The Cost Of Workplace Drama, End Entitlement and Drive Big Results

For years now, leaders in almost every industry have accepted two completely false assumptions — that change is hard, and that engagement drives results. Those beliefs have inspired expensive attempts to shield employees from change, involve them in high-level decision-making, and keep them happy with endless “satisfaction surveys” and workplace perks. But what these engagement programs actually do, Cy Wakeman says, is inflate expectations and sow unhappiness, leaving employees unprepared to adapt to even minor changes necessary to the organization’s survival. Rather than driving performance and creating efficiencies, these programs fuel entitlement and drama, costing millions in time and profit. Download the latest issue.

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