Latest Issue: September 14, 2021

What The Liberals Have Promised

Highlights of their election platform for businesses

There is not much to report on election results – we have nearly the same parliamentary make-up on Tuesday morning as we had Monday night. With the Liberal’s leading the government, here is a look at what they promised to businesses in their platform: A More Resilient Economy. Read the latest issue.

Lanark Lodge Redevelopment EOI

Multi-million dollar project for Lanark County

Lanark¬† County Council has passed a motion authorizing an expression of interest (EOI) be released for potential redevelopment partners of Lanark Lodge. The county’s 163-bed long-term care home is classified as a B level facility by the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care and must be rebuilt or redeveloped to current design standards by 2025. Read the latest issue.

Learning Resiliency From Family Businesses

What they did, perhaps differently, to weather the pandemic storm

KMPG has released a report entitled “Mastering A Comeback: How family businesses are triumphing over COVID-19.” It tests the “widely accepted view” that family-owned businesses are masters at resilience, adaptability and agility to overcome challenges. The report sought to find out if that was true during the COVID-19 pandemic. The data is compiled from surveys completed between June and October 2020. Read the latest issue.

Marketing | Jennifer Layman

Marketing Through Social Capital: How businesses can increase their profile for free

The KMPG report on family business was an interesting read. In rural areas, there are many businesses that transition through generations, and while a generation may retire out of the business, that doesn’t mean that they leave the business. The business remains part of their identity. The same holds true for generations not yet in the business – they may pursue other paths, but they have a connection to the business from their parents and grandparents who established an entrepreneurial legacy. Read the latest issue.

Book Club | Darrel Bricker

Next: Where to live, what to buy and who will lead Canada’s future

Where will the world go after COVID-19? CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs Darrell Bricker’s prescient and timely new book has the insights and the data to understand what we are going through and why, and who we still are despite the disruption. In this groundbreaking new book, Bricker, a Canadian expert in what Canadians will want and need, distills the trends based on real and extensive demographic data and dares to forecast what will come next. Why is Harley-Davidson making smaller motorcycles and changing the way they sell their bikes? Should restaurateurs be focusing on vibrant, frenetic restaurants offering the latest food fashion or on open, quieter restaurants that focus on tasty standard fare? What’s the fastest-growing sector in the housing market? Where should companies plan on setting up shop? Read the latest issue.

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