Latest Issue: February 5, 2019

A Tax For Tourism And Communities

Could MAT generate six-figure opportunities?

It’s called a Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) but it might be a game-changer for tourism in the Ottawa Valley. The Ottawa Valley Tourist Association (OVTA) is hosting information sessions this week to explain the MAT and what it might mean to accommodations’ providers and the local tourism industry. They want to hear from roofed accommodators before submitting a position paper to Renfrew County council in March. The first of four presentations took place in Deep River on February 4. The OVTA will travel to Killaloe (February 5), Burnstown (February 6) and Pembroke (February 7). All presentations begin at 6:00pm. Download the latest issue.

Health Team Speaks Out

Encourages patients not to use house calls

In an unusual public display of animosity, a group of 14 doctors are warning the public not to use the services of another doctor when it comes to house calls. There seems to be no dispute over any of the physicians’ credentials. Over the Christmas season, a local doctor decided to start offering house calls to people in need of medical services. Dr. Alexander McLachlan is a physician with Garrison Petawawa, and felt that offering house calls was a good way to expand medical services in the community. The house calls are free (you need an OHIP card) and are approved by the College of Physicians and Surgeons and Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. All physicians are reimbursed when people make visits to them, and that includes when that visit is in the patient’s home. Download the latest issue.

Addressing Workplace Wellness

Ontario Chamber addresses mental health

Stress. Burnout. Anxiety. Depression. At least 20 per cent of Canadians will have a mental illness in their lifetime; more than those living with heart disease and type 2 diabetes combined. The costs of mental illness to the Canadian economy are estimated at over $50 billion annually, with $20 billion of that stemming directly from workplace losses. By 2021, the costs are estimated to rise to $88.8 billion per year. Download the latest issue.

Marketing | Jennifer Layman

A Winter Lesson In Business: Make sure you give yoru business your best

As a business owner, you sometimes feel like you need to do everything yourself. As you start out, the more you can do on your own, the better your bottom line. There are tasks that you do well and tasks that you do just to say they are done – we cannot be experts at everything. However, there comes a time when you either get too busy to handle all these extra “DIY” tasks, or you realize that your time is better spent on certain aspects as opposed to others. I struck one of those DIY projects off my list this winter, and I wish I would have done it years ago. Download the latest issue.

Book Club | Fran Hauser

Achieving A Career You Love Without Becoming A Person You Hate

In The Myth of the Nice Girl, Hauser proves that women don’t have to sacrifice their values or hide their authentic personalities in the name of success.

Sharing a wealth of personal anecdotes and time-tested strategies, she shows how women can reclaim “nice” and sidestep regressive stereotypes about what a strong leader looks like. Her accessible advice and hard-won wisdom detail how to balance being empathetic with being decisive, how to rise above the double standards that can box you in, how to cultivate the kind of authentic confidence that projects throughout a room, and much more. Download the latest issue.

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