Latest Issue: October 5, 2021

What The Liberals Have Promised

Highlights of their election platform for businesses

There is not much to report on election results – we have nearly the same parliamentary make-up on Tuesday morning as we had Monday night. With the Liberal’s leading the government, here is a look at what they promised to businesses in their platform: A More Resilient Economy. Read the latest issue.

Employment Issues, Pandemic Program Deadlines: CPA Canada

Canada Revenue Agency still to provide key information

The following is an update as of September 21 from CPA Canada. This information is available on their website. Read the current issue. Read the latest issue.

Ontario Government News In Brief

Funding programs, increase in inspectors and public accounts. Read the latest issue.

Marketing | Jennifer Layman

Beliefs And Your Business: How to balance the roles of person and proprietor

Many years ago, I was approached to work on an election campaign. It was a new experience for me and I was interested in learning more about what was involved in an election campaign. My role was to provide the design work for signage, social media and the like, under the direction of the campaign manager. One day an issue emerged where the candidate and the campaign manager didn’t share the same viewpoint. They had significant discussion on it but could not resolve the difference of opinion on how to talk about the issue with the public. The campaign manager came to me and asked me to design some flyers with a message on the issue that supported their stance, and which was contrary to that of the candidate. I asked if the candidate had approved the message and was told to do what I was asked. I struggled with that request because I felt the candidate should know what was being promoted in their name. I informed the campaign manager that I wasn’t comfortable moving forward with the work without the candidate’s approval. The campaign manager fired me and took the work to someone else who did it without challenge. Read the latest issue.

Book Club | Marissa King

Social Chemistry: Decoding the patterns of human connection

Social Chemistry will utterly transform the way you think about networking. Under-standing the contours of your social network can dramatically enhance personal relationships, work life, and even your global impact. Yale professor Marissa King shows how anyone can build more meaningful and productive relationships based on insights from neuroscience, psychology, and network analytics. Conventional wisdom says it’s the size of your network that matters, but social science research has proven there is more to it. King explains that the quality and structure of our relationships has the greatest impact on our personal and professional lives. Read the latest issue.

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